Hi, welcome to my gallery. My favorite anime is DBZ. It was this anime that got me into cel collecting and actually watching other anime. I also like Street Fighters Alpha, Naruto, Darkstalkers, Vampire Hunter D, and FullMetal Alchemist. I am open to any offers whether it's trading, buying, or selling. If you want to contact me you could email me at hyelakingsfan@hotmail.com Enjoy your stay here.

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11/28/2013Most of the cels on my site are up for auction. Several of them have been listed on eBay. E-mail me with any inquries.
7/18/2011Just finished watching FMA: Brotherhood. Man oh man, that was such a good anime. Much better than the first one in my opinion. Recommend it to all defintely. It's up there on my list of favorite animes with DBZ for sure.
11/5/2010Just wanted to update everyone that I have not quit collecting. It's just that I am in a bit of a financial crisis. But I assure you that once everything gets settled (and i don't know how long that will take), I will get back to collecting. I may not be as active as before but I will not stop this addiction.
10/15/2009New Darkstalkers OP cel coming in

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*Gone* 11/7/2007
1) Dragonball Z-GT 11/28/2013
2) Street Fighter Alpha 11/16/2007
3) Darkstalkers 10/22/2009
4) Dragonball Z-GT (HANKEN) 4/28/2006
5) Dragonball Z-GT (SKETCHES) 11/19/2004
My Drawings (DBZ) 5/17/2006
My Drawings (Misc) 11/23/2005
My Drawings (Naruto) 10/12/2005
Zelda 11/17/2005

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